Office Movers provides the highest standards of commercial and government relocation services in Victoria. We move offices, warehouses, libraries, industrial sites, furniture installations, and unique and specific items and projects. We are Victoria's fastest growing commercial moving company and are dedicated to fast and efficient high quality service with advanced planning methods, excellent labeling and packaging procedures, top-notch moving equipment, extensive preliminary communication planning with our customers, and a teamwork approach to expedite your moving day and provide a seamless moving experience.

Our Management and Staff are dedicated to handling your office equipment and data with professional sensitivity and procedures. Our team includes relocation managers, supervisors, movers, packers and drivers that are fully trained by our company to exacting standards. We do not contract out any portion of your moving job. We take into consideration your need for minimal downtime through consultation and planning for optimal organization of people and goods. We accommodate you and your employees specific requirements.

Whether your moving job is large or small, our company provides experienced and specialized personnel to facilitate every aspect of the project. And if you need to store your valuable items for any length of time, our partnership with a large number of Western Canadian storage facilities allows us to provide you with smart options for your storage requirements. We aim to deliver exceptional service to our customers by providing each of our employees with the highest quality training and equipment to achieve superior short-term and long-term results every time!

We have years of experience handling the particular requirements of moving for offices and businesses. For every job we finish, a thorough survey and accounting is undertaken by our management and employees to determine if any part of the job could have been improved. Thus, we are continually updating and upgrading our methods and equipment to keep pace with new advances in the moving industry as well as changes in other industries so that we can provide you with the smartest moving service possible.

We offer expert advice and applications for planning your move to ensure a successful expeditious relocation. Explore our website where you will find helpful information on every aspect of our relocation services, including preliminary planning considerations, glossary of moving terms, packaging and labeling instructions, contact list and map templates, office design layout templates, frequently asked questions, and terms of service information.


Prepare your employees and your moving company for the move by providing times, dates, locations, telephone numbers, maps, directions and special considerations of the existing and new location. Assign an employee in each department to be responsible for liaising with your moving company and providing keys and security cards or codes to your moving company as well as training to your employees on proper packaging and labeling procedures.

Compile a Comprehensive Contact list of all contractors, service providers, suppliers, utilities,customers, Insurance Agent, Building Managers, Post Office, repair personnel, security personnel, design personnel, maintenance personnel,vendors, technicians and other groups, organizations and businesses that may need to be contacted about the move. Its extremely important to allow a minimum of two weeks to inform your regular suppliers who ship to you. You may have to pay re-consignment charges unless you inform them well ahead of the move. Inform the Post Office of your move at least one week before relocation. Notify your insurance company.

Communicate to retail customers that you are moving well in advance of the actual date. This might entail a simple sign on the present building until it is vacated or involve a large ad campaign. All your business cards, forms, signs, truck spaces, and online accounts should be changed as soon as or before you move in to your new space. Many online services such as Google, Homestars, Yelp and advertising services such as the Yellow Pages take weeks to months to process the change-over and you might lose your coveted search engine rankings during this switch. Create new business cards and stationary, as well as any forms or signs, before your move.

Initiate a meeting with Employees to go through each and every file, folder and cabinet to eliminate as much excess paraphernalia as possible. Consider transferring general files to a record storage center such as Iron Mountain ahead of the move date if it is not required to have these files at your new building immediately. This may reduce moving costs significantly.

Encourage employees to take away all personal or unneeded items prior to the official moving day. General cleanup and junk removal can significantly reduce packaging and moving costs.

Assign employees to transport certain items such as plants, trash cans, desk mats, lamps. lampshades and light bulbs that can be tagged and organized for separate transportation.

Plan the layout of your new office space in consultation with your employees and design experts. Skyline Office Movers can also help you choose the optimum layouts for your furniture, equipment, and modular items.    

The building manager for both your existing and destination buildings should be consulted before the move to ensure that the elevators or loading areas have not been previously booked, and to determine if any other restrictions of use are in place for particular times of the day or night, or particular days of the week or month. Also, consult with your building manager about how best to notify water, gas, and utility companies of your move. Also make sure that you are provided with a set of keys for your destination building by that building's manager.


Renovation, paint and cleaning contractors should be consulted to ensure that they are finished at least 24 hours before the scheduled moving day.


Compile a contact list of phone numbers in case of unexpected breakdowns or circumstances. This list might include repair persons, security personnel, building managers, locksmiths, computer technicians, moving managers, etc.


Design and layout personnel should be waiting at the destination building to guide the movers in regards to proper placement of items. Skyline Movers can also provide this service and can deconstruct and reconstruct any modular systems you might be utilizing.


Arrange for your internet and phone connections to be in place before moving day.


Determine if any of your equipment -computer, electronic or specialty -may need to be serviced before they are relocated. Skyline Movers can help you determine which equipment should be serviced. Equipment vendors may need to be contacted.


Notify and consult with your insurance Company about the move.


Notify the Post Office at least a week in advance.


To facilitate your move we have made a comprehensive list of ideal preliminary packing procedures for your employees to follow when packing items, since in most cases packing and unpacking will be done by your staff. Note that it is easier for our moving company if only those staff members that are directly involved with the move are present when our movers are actually relocating.

Desks should be fully emptied with loose items such as pencils and staplers placed in clear bags or envelopes while important papers, books and other items are usually packed in a box. Glass or delicate items should be bubble or paper wrapped and secured tightly in a box.

Upright Filing Cabinets. Most cabinets can be moved without removing their contents. If possible, lock the cabinets for moving, or wrap them with shrink-wrap to secure the drawers: (our movers can do this, but if your staff does it, it can save a lot of time). Many older filing cabinets have a punch in lock, so if you don't have the key for it, be sure to tape around the lock to avoid it accidentally locking in the truck.

Lateral Filing Cabinets. It is better to remove the files inside these cabinets, pack everything into well labeled boxes, and then either lock or shrink-wrap the cabinets to be ready for moving.

Bookcases. Pack everything on the bookshelf into boxes and then shrink-wrap the shelves or tape them together. Put the shelf pins into a baggy and tape it securely to the bookcase or take it with a staff member separately.

Storage Cabinets. Remove and pack all contents into boxes, then shrink-wrap or otherwise lock the cabinets before moving.

Lockers. Remove all contents and then remove lockers from the wall if they are attached.

Small Office Electronics. Fax machines, scanners, printers and other such items should not be packed by staff, the Office Movers will professionally pack them for transport. The cords and smaller detachable items can be removed and packed.

Picture, Boards, Mirrors. Let Skyline Office Movers pack all sensitive items such as mirrors by pad wrapping them. Your staff can pack smaller pictures without glass with newspaper or bubble wrap separating each picture, into boxes marked fragile.

Plants. Skyline Office Movers can move your plants, though it is better if your employees move them as we can not be responsible for any damage done to plants during transport and they tend to take up a lot of space in the moving trucks.

Special Equipment. Many types of special equipment such as large copiers and specialized computer equipment require special servicing by your tech department and/or arrangements with machine vendors prior to moving day. PC's should be backed up and all wires should be disconnected before packing. Special services to disconnect certain machines that may require plumbers, engineers, electricians or machinists should be arranged prior to the moving date. If these criteria are not met, Skyline Moving company cannot be held responsible for damages sustained to the equipment during the move.

Copiers And Other Machines Containing Ink Or Any Other Fluids. these items have to be drained prior to transport as per provincial law. If the criteria listed above is not met, Skyline Office Movers cannot be held responsible for damages sustained to the equipment during the move.

Security Files. All filing cabinets containing secure or sensitive files should be locked and zip-tied during the move. If security sensitivity is high and you require escorts, it can be arranged with your move manager.

Personal Items. Skyline Office Movers cannot be responsible for transporting the personal items of employees

A detailed drawing of the desired locations of every piece of furniture in every room should be assigned to the move manager. Try to draw each item somewhat close to scale and have every item labeled as to what it is. Draw in window and door locations and place the entrance door at the bottom of the page. These drawings will be hung up in each room for the movers to follow.

Every single item to be moved must be clearly marked for the movers. Sectional pieces such as book-cases or modular furniture should be tagged section by section and be marked as a group.

The marking and tag system should be uniform and detailed to assist the movers in placing the furniture and electronics in the new space. Your move manager can help design an efficient working tag system with your staff.

The color of each moving label identifies a floor and main room, from there the room number should be specified. On the entrance of each room your floor plan showing general placement for each piece will be displayed. The color coding helps movers work more efficiently rather than waiting and asking a staff member for each individual piece. This simple step can save many hours and thousands of dollars on a larger move.

Detailed coding should be assigned for the floor number, room number and tags containing all this information will be provided to your staff from us and should be filled out for every item being moved.

A color-coding strategy can be developed for quick moving into certain sections of the new office (reception, break room, mailing room, etc.) and should be thoroughly discussed with your move manager, staff and all the movers.

Furniture and equipment that needs to be dismantled such as conference tables or L-desks should be tagged on each piece with the same tag information.

If any items are missing from the item sheets report them to your move manager immediately, oftentimes the items misplaced were tagged improperly and put in a different area of the new building.

Take a final walk through with your move manager and all the movers and give a brief description of how you want everything to look. After all the items are loosely in place we can do the final touches with your staff to get everything perfectly in place.

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