The Office Movers focuses on moving commercial businesses within the Greater Vancouver Area both locally across North America. Every job has its own challenges and hiccups can occur during the process, but all successful relocations share a common theme; they have a great pre-move plan. Look through our checklist of the most important things to do before move day, following it can save your company a great deal of time and money.



Check both your new and old building for restrictions of access. Is there any time during the day where moving is restricted? Is moving at night restricted? Will you need to pay the building extra to hire security to supervise the building for a night move? Are there any days of the week or a day of the month where moving is restricted.

Make sure that your elevator and loading area is secure and not already booked for your desired move date(s). Its important to check with your current building manager for move out and your future builing manager for move in.

If you are renovating the new space or building a new building, be sure to get a commitment from the contractor(s) that everything will be wrapped up at least 24 hours before the scheduled move in.

Get a list of numbers to have on hand for complications that may come up such as an elevator maintenance company in case of breakdown as well as building security.



When you have a particular date in mind for the move in and move out date(s) make sure that you've discussed it with:

Your Contractors: If you are hiring private contractors to paint, set carpeting and flooring, plumbers, electricians etc. Be sure to make sure all their work is completed by move in day.

Your Telephone and Internet provider: For minimal downtime it is essential that your communications and internet system has to be installed before the computer's arrive.

Your Designers: If you hired a design firm for the layout of the new space make sure they are ready for move day to direct the movers to their exact vision. Or if you don't have a designer have an employee direct the placing theyelves.

If you aren't sure about the layout of your new space the Office Movers can help out with choosing the best way to set up your furniture and modular systems.

The Office Movers can take down and set up your current modular furniture systems or assist in setting up new systems as well.



Employees can make or break the flow of a move. Well prepared employees can assist the movers in packing and moving to save your company time and money. If the entire staff has been informed of the move and the precise date in advance then it can help immensely on the cooperation come move day.

The info to tell each member of your staff is: The date of move. The address and telephone number at the new building. Directions for both cars and bus routes planned out in advanced. Parking at the building or surrounding area. As well as a list of lunch and dinner facilities within or surrounding the new building.

Provide a map of the building for every employee showing key areas such as the lunch room, bathroom, supply area's, copy center, reception, etc.

You can assign an employee from each department to handle and coordinate pre-move preparations in their section. Assign a staff member to distribute keys and security cards to management.



Unless the water, gas and electricity is covered under your lease, be sure to tell them the date you want the services switched. Switch your trash removal service as well as the alarm or security system company. Many times security systems are handled by the building management, but if your currently contracting another security company you should notify them early on to set up the new premises.



A-lot of electronic equipment is recommended to be serviced by their respective vendors before being transported. Such equipment includes:

Computers and Monitors

Printers and Copiers

Fax Machines

Mailing Machines

Lab Equipment


Be sure to check with the vendors any special equipment you may have to see if it requires servicing for a move. Many times we can tell you if it needs to be serviced based on past experience. We can go through this on our initial walk through of your establishment.



If your new spaces keys are not provided by the building manager, be sure to get a locksmith to provide you with them.



Be sure to notify them of your move and the move date.



Notify them of your move at least a week prior to the move in date.

Extras: Call any newspapers or magazines you subscribe to to inform them of the move as well at least a month before move in.



Its extremely important to allow a minimum of two weeks to inform your regular suppliers who ship to you. You may have to pay re-consignment charges unless you inform them well ahead of the move.



If you run a retail business its extremely important to let them know of your new location. This can range from a simple sign on the previous building until it's re-leased all the way up to a large ad campaign.



All your business cards, forms, signs, truck spaces, google accounts, yelp accounts and all your online accounts should be changed as soon as or before you move in to your new space. Many online services such as google, homestars, yelp and the yellow pages take weeks to months to change over and you can often loose search engine rankings during this process.



To make a smooth, easy and headache free move, we've prepared an essentials walkthrough for every staff member to follow. This will ensure minimal downtime preparing for and during the move. Every employee should be accountable for the preliminary packing before the move. Below is a guide to help streamline that process as packing and unpacking will be done by your staff in most cases. It should be noted that only staff members who are directly involved with the move should be present when the movers are working.



Desks should be fully emptied, all loose items such as pencils, paper clips and staplers can be placed in clear bags or envelopes. Important papers, current projects, books and other items on the desk are usually packed in a box. Any glass or delicate items should be wrapped with bubble wrap or paper and be secure in a box so they have no wiggle room during transport.



 Most cabinets can be moved without removing its contents. If possible, lock the cabinets for moving, or wrap it with shrink-wrap to secure the drawers (our movers do this, but if your staff does it it can save a-lot of time). Many older filing cabinets have a punch in lock, if you don't have the key for it be sure to tape around the lock to avoid it accidentally locking in the truck.



It's not recommended to move these cabinets with files still inside so be sure to pack everything into well labeled boxes. Then either lock or shrink-wrap the cabinets to be ready for moving.



 Everything on the bookshelf should be packed into boxes, and the shelved should be removed and shrink-wrapped or taped together tightly. The shelf pins can be put into a baggy and taped securely to the bookcase or taken with a staff member separately.



Everything should be removed and packed in boxes and the same shrink-wrap or locking procedure should be done.



 Should be removed from the wall if attached and all contents should be removed.



 Fax machines, scanners, printers and other such items should not be packed by staff, the Office Movers will professionally pack them for transport. The cords and smaller detachable items can be removed and packed.



We will handle all sensitive items such as mirrors and pad wrap them, smaller pictures without glass can be packed into boxes marked fragile with newspaper or bubble wrap separating each picture.



It is best if employees move plants as we can not be responsible for any damage to plants during transport, we can do it be it requires a-lot of room in our trucks and is best taken in separate cars or trucks.



Many types of special equipment, such as large copiers, specialized computer equipment, require special servicing by your tech department. Arrangements should be made with each machines vendor before moving day. PC's should be backed up and all wires should be disconnected before packing.


Sometimes special services that require plumbers, engineers, electricians or machinists are needed to disconnect certain machines. Its best to arrange this to be done prior to the move date. Copiers, and other machines containing ink or any fluids have to be drained prior to transport as per provincial law.


If the criteria listed above is not met, the Office Movers cannot be held responsible for any damages to the equipment.



All filing cabinets containing secure or sensitive files should be locked and zip-tied during the move. If security sensitivity is high and you require escorts, it can be arranged with your move manager.



The Office Movers cannot be responsible for transporting employees personal items. Staff should move personal items separatey.



Every single item to be moved must be clearly marked for the movers. Sectional pieces such as book-cases or modular furniture should be tagged section by section and be marked as a group.


A color-coding strategy can be developed for quick moving into certain sections of the new office (reception, break room, mailing room, etc.) and should be thoroughly discussed with your move manager, staff and all the movers.


Detailed coding should be assigned for the floor number, room number and tags containing all this information will be provided to your staff from us and should be filled out for every item being moved.


Furniture and equipment that needs to be dismantled such as conference tables or L-desks should be tagged on each piece with the same tag information.



A detailed drawing of the desired locations of every piece of furniture in every room should be assigned to the move manager. Try to draw each item somewhat close to scale and have every item labeled as to what it is. Draw in window and door location's and place the entrance door at the bottom of the page. These drawings will be hung up in each room for the movers to follow. Do a walkthrough with your move manager and all the movers and give a brief description of how you want everything to look. After all the items are loosely in place we can do the final touches with your staff to get everything perfectly in place.



The marking system should be uniform and detailed to assist the movers in placing the furniture and electronics in the new space. Your move manager can help design an efficient working tag system with your staff.



The color of each label identifies a floor and main room, from there the room number should be specified. On the entrance of each room your floor plan showing general placement for each piece will be displayed. The color coding helps movers work more efficiently rather than waiting and asking a staff member for each individual piece. This simple step can save many hours and thousands of dollars on a larger move.



If any items are missing from the item sheets report them to your move manager immediately, oftentimes the items misplaced were tagged improperly and put in a different area of the new building.



Have a meeting with your staff and ask them to go through and remove anything and everything they won't be needing at the new space. Oftentimes up to 25% of the junk that can be accumulated a business can be thrown out thus reducing packing and moving costs significantly.



Go through each and every file, every folder and every cabinet and eliminate as much as possible. Transfer general files to a record storage center such as Iron Mountain ahead of the move date if its not required to have them at your new building. This will reduce moving costs significantly as well.



Take away all personal or unneeded items prior to the official packing.



Carefully look at extra storage space and try and purge it to its absolute minimum.



Tag all trash cans, desk mats, lamps, lamp shades and remove the lightbulbs for separate transportation.



With specialized equipment for moving sensitive items quickly, seasoned professional movers and years of organizational experience - we can move large offices quickly and safely. 


From small local businesses to large distribution complexes, we can handle any warehouse relocation with ease. Take down and set up of racking systems at each end can be done as well.


We cater to all levels of government, from schools and hospitals to rec centers and even military relocations - and with comprehensive insurance options, peace of mind is guaranteed.