Saving Money On Your Office Move

For smaller offices or companies on a budget, saving money on your office move is top priority. There are several things you and your employees can do to ensure your move goes as quickly as possible. 

1. Label boxes on all sides.

Often when movers are unloading boxes, they're not clearly marked or only marked on one side which means the mover has to look at each individual side to find out which room each one goes in. If the boxes have a room number marked on each side of the box it can speed up the process by a significant amount.

2. Take apart desks and tables.

If you have enough time, taking the screws out of desks, conference room table and other furniture can save hours on a small to medium size move and much more on larger moves. This can also be done with white boards, shelves, TV mounts and other hanging items. 

3. Place boxes into stacks of 5 or 6 (shoulder height.)

When stacking boxes, try and make them into shoulder height stacks that are easily accessible for an upright dolly. Boxes are always loaded onto the truck first and if they're stacked higher than 5 or 6 the mover will have to take them off and re-stack them which takes time.

4. Pre-wrap any delicate electonics

Making sure TV's, pieces of glass and computer monitors are well wrapped and protected can take off hours of potential time. 

5. Request Blankets and Shrink Wrap be dropped off prior to the move.

Office Movers, Inc. can drop off protective moving blankets, shrink wrap and tape so that you can blanket and protect your desks, monitors, TV's, chairs and other easily scratched items. If every item is wrapped before we get there then it can potentially take 20-40% off the total price of the move. 

6. Make sure any elevators are locked off.

Oftentimes office organizers forget to request the elevators to be locked off. This can potentially add 15-30% more time onto the move and can add a lot of unforseen cost. 

7. Move after-hours.

Moving in the evening can oftentimes save an hour or two on the total time.

There are many more small things that can save time and money off your move, these are just a few of the prominent ones!