Tips for packing your office to make move day stress-free.

Packing your office can be a daunting task, especially when you're staff have no idea where to start. We have compiled a simple list of things your staff can do to make moving day go much smoother and to make the final bill significantly smaller.


  • Take away all fragile items to pack separately.
  • Loose items such as pencils, paper clips, staplers, etc. should be placed in a paper envelope or sandwich bag and put back in your desk drawer.
  • Take any personal valuables separately.
  • Pack everything else and any larger items in plastic - stackable boxes.

Lateral Files:

  • Two, three and four drawer lateral filing cabinets – can be moved with its contents.
  • Four drawer lateral filing cabinets – depending on weight either empty the top or top two drawers.

Vertical Files:

  • Can be moved with its contents. If you have keys, lock the drawers and keep the keys with you. If you don't have keys  cabinets should be shrink wrapped or taped, but the moving company can do this for you.
  • Credenzas, bookcases and cabinets should be emptied, shelves should be removed and taken separately


  • Printers, monitors and computers should be disconnected prior to the move (should be done by IT staff or movers by special request)
  • Large or special electronics should be prepared by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative before move day.

Small plants:

  • Should be transported separately by staff. Larger plants can be handled by the mover.

Small pictures:

  • Should be packed vertically inside a plastic moving box or in a cardboard box labelled fragile. Larger pictures, maps, and wall boards can be handled by the movers.