Things to Consider When Moving To Vancouver

Vancouver is a bustling city with a vibrant and diverse community, from the skyscrapers downtown to the large mansions in West Vancouver to the farmlands in Langley. Even though Vancouver is rated as one of the most livable cities in the world, it's always a good idea to look into the details and explore a little before moving to a new place.

1. Housing Costs

There is a huge discrepancy between renting and owning a home in Vancouver. If you are looking at buying a home and getting a mortgage here, it’s important to know the pricing. Single family detached homes in West Vancouver average over 2 Million dollars while the average detached home price in Vancouver comes in just over 1.2 Million. Condo prices are significantly less, many one bedrooms can be found for under $400,000. 

2. Basic necessities 

Housing is usually your biggest expense, but not the only major one. Car insurance and gas prices are higher than in other Canadian cities and significantly higher than other US cities. Vancouver has a decidedly horrible road system, so traffic during rush hours can rival major centers like Los Angeles and New York, even with a tiny fraction of the population leading to larger gas expenditures.

3. Quality of life

Vancouver is one of the highest rated cities in the world for quality of life. It's a 5 minute drive to go from skiing up on Grouse Mountain to Boating in Coal Harbour. Vancouver has one of the world's greatest parks, Stanley Park, just seconds from downtown where you can bike, walk or rollerblade around the park and enjoy some of the greatest views on earth. Whistler, which has been ranked as the top ski destination in the world several times is a quick hour drive away. It's easy to see why Vancouver is rated so consistently high for quality of life.