The Office Movers was created to offer businesses a highly professional, reliable, and cost effective moving experience in a fragmented industry known for the opposite.

Office Movers is a commercial moving company founded in Vancouver BC. We specialize in office, retail, warehouse, government and industrial relocations.

Our staff are highly experienced in moving office furniture, electronics, heavy and sensitive equipment as well as disassembly and reassembly of modular systems and racking. We have custom moving equipment, carts, boxes and dollies for easy transport of multiple books, computers, monitors, printers and modular furniture.

We have partnerships with multiple storage facilities within the Lower Mainland, and can get discounted storage costs for any equipment or furniture. We also provide disposal services for any unwanted furniture or equipment.

Why choose us:

Being exclusively a commercial and industrial moving company, we have the equipment and skills to make any office, warehouse or retail move as efficient and affordable as possible. Our management, movers and drivers all work together to make the entire process as smooth as possible, from our first assessment to the very last item being unloaded, we work hard to be the very best office moving company in Vancouver.

Assessment & Quote:

One of our move managers will come to your place of business and do a preliminary assessment of the relocation, do a rough calculation of the time and supplies cost and offer a rough or firm quote depending on the type of move and level of detail involved.

How the Office Movers works:

We can do as much or as little of the moving process as your team would like. We can do just the physical moving of a packed office, just the large items or just sensitive equipment. At the other end of the spectrum, we can handle every facet of the move, from organizing phone and internet disconnection, building management, elevator bookings, special equipment packing, desk and file packing, modular furniture disassembly and everything at the receiving end as well.

Our Vision

At the Office Movers, we hope to be the absolute leader in the commercial relocation industry on a global scale. Our amazing management, movers, highly specialized and custom equipment, friendly and professional attitude and a huge amount of repeat business means that we're the commercial relocation leaders in Vancouver, and expansion to other major Canadian cities is in the works.

Our Team

Our movers are full time labourers who have been trained extensively at our sister home moving company before being transitioned into office moving. Our entire team is the best of the best, from managers to movers to drivers, we always hand pick our top movers from our sister household moving company.